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Naruto was fussing with his keys to open the door to hisapartment. He was late. He knew Sasuke wasn’t going to be happy. If he hadn’t forgotten about Sasuke’s watch that was being fixed, he wouldn’t need to worry about pissing off his partner.

"I’m home!" he called out, kicking off his shoes at the entrance.

"You’re late!" Sasuke called back. His tone said he was clearly annoyed.

"I know! I know!" he huffed, hurrying into the kitchen.

Sasuke was sitting on a stool next to the stove, a wine glass in hand. “I thought I told you to be on time,” he grumbled.

Naruto grinned, scratching the back of his head. “You did, I’m sorry,” he apologized, walking around the kitchen island to Sasuke. He hugged Sasuke from behind, planting a kiss on his cheek. “Happy anniversary.”

Sasuke half smiled. “Happy anniversary, dobe.” He craned his neck back to lock lips with Naruto, glad to finally have him home. “Why are you late?”

The blond grinned again, reaching into his coat pocket, pulling out a small bag. “I was getting this back for you.”

Sasuke took the bag from him, wondering what it was. He opened it, finding the watch his brother had given him a few years ago. He didn’t understand what Naruto meant. Then, he saw the hands move. The silver and gold no longer look tarnished.

"I noticed you hadn’t used it in a really long time, so I took it in to get a new battery and a good cleaning," Naruto explained.

"You didn’t have to do that," Sasuke said, slipping it on. It had been quite some time since it was on his wrist. "Thank you."

"I know you said no gifts, so technically this doesn’t count," he laughed.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. “Yes it does.”

Naruto frowned. “What? No! This is me just doing something nice for my boyfriend!”

"It’s a gift because I didn’t know you did this and you waited until today to give it back."

"Stupid teme!" he growled at Sasuke, crossing his arms.

Sasuke stood, smiling, placing a gentle kiss on Naruto’s forehead. “Dinner’s almost ready, will you set the table?”

"Yeah, yeah. Hey, Sasuke, how was work?" he asked, wandering over to the other side of the kitchen to get plates and utensils.

"Too much went wrong."

"Really, how so?"

Sasuke went into detail about how one of his coworkers failed to do their share of work for a project. He went on about how he had to ask his boss for an extension, just so that he could take over the task and do it himself. He kicked off his coworker from the project on grounds of incompetence. Naruto went on a tangent about how useless this coworker was. It wasn’t the first time this person had given Sasuke problems. After his rant on that, he talked about his day at work and how Jiraiya was overworking him so much lately by keeping him late or making him go in earlier. He got so fired up he admitted he wanted to get back at the old man for all the torture. Sasuke only smiled, warning Naruto to not do anything stupid.

All through dinner there was a back and forth exchange of words on various topics. In midsentence Naruto had to compliment Sasuke on how great the lasagna was, completely losing his previous train of thought. Sasuke could only smirk at Naruto’s lack of focus.

They washed the dishes together after dinner. Sasuke did the washing, while Naruto did the drying. It took longer than normal due to Naruto’s continuous string of distractions. He kept clinging to Sasuke from behind, kissing the black-haired man’s neck, biting his earlobe, and slipping his hands under Sasuke’s shirt.

When they were finally done, they wandered over to their couch, which was much closer than their bedroom. Naruto sat on the couch, pulling Sasuke down onto his lap. Sasuke straddled Naruto’s lap, wrapping his arms around the blond’s neck. He deeply kissed Naruto, both slightly moaning.

Sasuke pushed Naruto back, unbuttoning the latter’s shirt. He proceeded to taking off his own sweater. Naruto began fussing with their pants. Sasuke had almost cleared his sweater over his head, when he felt his knee slip.

He felt his knee slipped off the couch.

He wasn’t able to take off his sweater in time to catch himself, so he went sideways, right off Naruto and the couch, and onto the floor.

No sooner had he landed on the floor when he heard Naruto’s guffaws.

"Are you all right, teme?" Naruto asked between laughs. He couldn’t breathe. It was the most comical thing he’d ever experienced with Sasuke during any form of intimacy.

Sasuke threw his sweater aside, huffing. He wanted to throw something heavy at Naruto, who was still laughing at him. He stood from the floor, glaring at Naruto.

The blond was trying to apologize through his laughter, but failed every time, with a new wave of giggles kicking in. Fed up, Sasuke grabbed a throw pillow from the other end of the couch and shoved it in Naruto’s face.

"Happy anniversary, usuratonkachi!" he growled as he stalked away to their bedroom.

Naruto tried going after him, but once he reached the door he realized it was locked. Sasuke was pissed; he was sleeping on the couch. Happy anniversary, indeed.
Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your holidays and those of you who had/have final exams got what you wanted or at least passed the class. I am definitely enjoying being out of school for a bit. I'm finally sleeping. Haha.

I just wanted to do a quick update on my drawing project. In short, I failed. I really tried my best to draw every day, anything, but this fall semester just did not allow me that freedom of time with homework, work, and personal life kind of coming at me all at once. I had a couple other projects (for school, sadly) that required more of my time and attention. Once I get back home, uhh in January, I will upload that last few drawings that I did and that'll be the end of that. 

If you were following that series of drawings, I'm sorry to disappoint, but I hope to get other drawings done before school starts again. Also, I plan to post some other short stories that I have slowly been working on.

That's all for now. I wish everyone a Happy New Year! See ya in 2015!!!
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